Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Morning Drawings

I start my mornings with little drawings. Hubby starts with coffee. Drawing is my coffee.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Figurine Drawings

 I like to draw figurines in different poses. Here you you know who they are?

Front View

Back View

Side View

Belly Down View

Friday, February 5, 2016

Stillman & Birn Alpha Series

I love working the pages of a Stillman & Birn Alpha series. I've used the Alpha, Beta , Gamma and Zeta and cherish them all. I applied layers of watercolor and wiped some off with a rag. Then I added Liquitex Gesso and wiped some of it with a rag. I repeated these steps until I had a chalky looking background.

I used a micron #3 pen to draw the woman. I covered it with two layers of gesso until a white ghost-like shape resulted. I added collage ephemera and then drew the woman and baby.

I used Schmincke watercolors to add the base colors and highlighted areas with Prisma colored pencils.

That's an office supply stamp in the bottom corner and up the left side of the page.

I like the discovery of experimenting with products that aren't intended to be used together such as watercolor over acrylic gesso.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Draw First Thing in the Morning Habit

I'm drawing my breakfast every day as encouraged by Danny Gregory. It is true that if you do one small thing every day, at about the same time every day, soon you have developed a habit. So what is so important about developing a habit of drawing my breakfast?

I start the day drawing,
I've accomplished something creative quickly, and
It serves as a positive warm up to having a creative day.

I like to eat my breakfast hot so here is how I accomplish that...

1. Cook breakfast.
2. Draw a mini version of breakfast.
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Add color to the drawing.

What could you draw every day? Breakfast, or the birds outside your kitchen window? Or try this idea. Put a sketchbook and pen on your nightstand. When you wake stay in bed and draw your feet pushed out from under the blankets, or draw what you see outside the window, or in the corner of your bedroom.

Can you see out the door into the hallway? Draw that.

Is the dog in bed with you? Draw him. You get the idea...draw something every morning. Make a happy habit of it.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Draw a Dog

Homework for Sabine Wisman's klass in Sketchbook Skool "Expressing." Draw a dog. She was showing how every one of us can draw a dog and they will all be different. Even if we all drew a wobbly line they would all be different. We all have unique style.


Sketchbook Skool with Sabine Wisman

The homework for Sabine Wisman  in Sketchbook Skool (Expressing Klass) was to complete a Personal Infographic using these four steps.

1. Explore
2. Design
3. Show (imagination & observation)
4. Tell (add text)

We could choose any subject that would express personal info in a graphic format. For example, hobby, collections, pets, city, work or people.

1. I didn't have to explore a subject for very long. Mine is People/Humor.
2. My design scope is cartoon format in ink and watercolor.
3. I'd draw characters from my imagination/observation.
4. I'd tell with handwritten gag lines. (Something you may not know...the handwriting I use in my cartoons is not my usual handwriting.)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Breakfast Club with Danny Gregory

Drawing my breakfast every day inspired by Danny Gregory's book, "Art Before Breakfast" and Sketchbook Skool.

Who doesn't like pancakes and sausage for breakfast?


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Another little sketch for Danny Gregory's Breakfast Club. If you join in and draw your breakfast every day use the hashtag   #sbspostyourtoast .


Friday, January 22, 2016

National Handwriting Giveaway Winner is...

Happy National Handwriting Day!

I enjoyed the comments about first fountain pens, love letter keepsakes and the art of writing and passing notes in high school. Meaningful and fun memories shared by three readers so I've decided to make all three winners of the Giveaway. I'll send out your pens & surprises week of January 25th. Watch your snail mail!

The winners are Lin, Lynn Cohen, and Joyce Banks. ( and a consolation prize to Jackie Neal since I got the date mixed up. I thought I posted this very, very, very early on Saturday. Sorry Jackie)

Winners, if I don't already have your mailing address, send it to me through private Facebook message, or to my email:


Thursday, January 21, 2016

National Handwriting Day Giveaway

I'll be celebrating National Handwriting Day on Saturday, January 23rd by hosting a little Giveaway.

You can win a package of BIC pens & other surprises.

 I have Lamy pens, Micron pens, Sakura but BIC are my go to pens for general journal writing and doodling.

How to win? Simply tell me something you remember or enjoy about handwriting, in the comments below,

My mom's handwriting on the inside cover of the book, "Wild Animals of the World," that I cherished as a child and still do today.

and while you're here it'd be awesome if you subscribed to my Blog...although that is not necessary to be in the Giveaway.

Come back to my Blog on Saturday, January 23rd to see who the randomly chosen winner is. Sometimes I like to choose two winners.

What else will I be doing to celebrate National Handwriting Day? I'll sit down and write some letters and mail them out. How about you?