Saturday, March 26, 2011

Handmade Journal

I've been involved in the Strathmore Online Artist Workshops which are fabulous for learning techniques at your own pace, for interacting with other artists, and for receiving positive feedback about your work. (You know how a community scope is vital to artists who spend long hours alone creating.) I've been using the wonderful Strathmore Visual part of them is they lay flat and they hold collage layers and wet work well. In the middle of it all I started a handmade journal..such fun...not so much fun that it doesn't lay flat to work in. Maybe I put in too many pages?


Dawn said...

Your hand made journal looks fab, I'm with you on a journal that lies flat while your working on it though ;0) so nice to have met you in blog land and now I am a follower

Love Dawn xx

Freenie Belle said...

Uh, Oh, Since I'm so new to blog land I didn't realize you left a comment until today. What a nice surprise though...and I'm grateful for meeting you thru Strathmore. Love having you as a follower.
Hugs, Darlene