Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Out There and Tra, La, La

I live near a lovely college town (Kenyon College) which I escape to as often as I can. It has everything I need, such as, stage plays (let me remind you Paul Newman graduated from Kenyon), author and poet readings (such as Margaret Atwood and William S. Merwin), cafes with organic foods, castle-like architecture, a fabulous bookstore, and people who don't chew snuff, drink beers, or hunt deers. (Yes, folks here add an "s" to deer.)

So, in and out of the day job I go, something like Little Red Riding Hood walking along the wooded path not knowing she could meet up with the big bad wolf. My big bad wolf is the convenience store world. I politely quit a perfectly normal job for this insane one because my friend who owns the store asked me to. (I'm a people pleaser.) I've been there ten years. The store has three doors and I can't find my way out.

I carry a book and journal with me everywhere. Even to my gynecologist visit. What else can you do while you wait naked under that little paper sheet? Although I have thought of taking my water color spritzer bottles and putting some color on the sheet. Would I call that performance art once the doctor came in and I put my feet in the stirrups? Now I'm off the subject of introducing myself...
Beyond the day job I write and create art. I work in mixed-media collage, oil and acrylic, colored pencils, etc. I write and illustrate children's picture books (not yet published), humor memoir, and fiction- both adult and young adult. Plus I write poetry. Today I'd like to include a poem titled, "ESTELLE" and a photo of the painting and mixed-media collage inspired by this poem.


And if I could slip out

the bedroom window,

into the pine trees just beyond,

And slip into the branches to

lay within their power,

I'd think I was safe

out beyond,

above it all.

I'd talk to the squirrels and

lay monthly eggs.

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Jackie said...

Why would you lay eggs?