Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Window Back There

I completed my first piece of art assemblage. I have wanted to make art out of found objects (the rustier the better) for years but always seemed to shy away. I would bring home an unusual item saying to myself, "I could make art with that" and then never acting on it. I admired artists who could do this (Michael DeMeng is one of my favorites) and wondered how they did it. So I did what I do when I want to learn I bought some books and taught myself. I'm just a beginner and I have much to learn and experience yet but I'm happy with the first project titled, "A Window Back There." I purchased a dremmel and I am having so much fun with this tool and liquid nails. Zippety-doo-dah, or something like that. I was sawing off the head of a plastic man doll and the blade went flying through the air and just missed my dog. Guess I didn't have it locked in place. Can't wait to use a torch.


Jackie said...

WOW!!!!!! You crazy nut! I love it!This is one of the things(yes,just one,there are many more), I love about you Darlene, you jump right in and experiment! Even though you have been wanting to try this for awhile,that part of the artist in you was just waiting for the right moment in time! So glad it's here!!
Rile and I are sitting here trying to figure out the pieces used for your first assemblage!
let me tell you, I am so glad you missed the dog!:}
How did you get the humps on the babies? Did you torch them? So very--very cool , my friend!
Can't wait for the next project!
belly laughs and artistic thoughts coming your way
Jackie :}

Dawn said...

This looks so exciting and you sound really happy to be playing and that's the point to be happy, really enjoying what your creating continue have fun with it.

Oh can you e-mail me you won one of my give aways ;0)

Love Dawn xx