Wednesday, July 27, 2011

La esperanza muere al ultimo (The last thing to die is hope)

This is the current art assemblage project I am working on.
I made the faces from air-dry clay. Took some impressions and used
a mold I purchased.

This is the queen of hope perhaps.....

Oops, uploaded the wrong photo, but this is a nice break

from seeing the floating faces.....

This was my starting idea of placement of faces then my

foam oozed larger than I thought it would so I cut off

some pieces to glue the faces into; hence I knew what the

theme of this piece would be, "La esperanza muere al ultimo"

which translates to "The last thing to die is hope."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day at the Park With Todd and Darlene

Hey hon, I picked up a couple of hitch hikers today. I know it's not the 70's anymore, but they're traveling across two states to take bandaids to their dying Mother.
Where on earth did they go?

Is that you Todd and George?

Yeah, it's us all right. This is what happens to two perfectly normal men when you leave them in a hot car with the windows rolled up. I had to give George mouth to mouth thank you.

Yeah, and Mother won't even recognize us.

Oh well, stay buckled up. I'll make it up to you by taking you to the park.

You go ahead Todd. I'm not going out in public looking like this.

Darlene reviews the rules with Todd before they enter the park

Oh look, Darlene. There's a nice rusty piece for your art assemblage.

Awesome water fountain. Don't tell anyone but my cavity is full of coins. And I peed in the water.

Oh okay, I put the coins back. Now let me out.

I have a secret addiction for buying women's magazines.

Oooh, lovely bracelets.

Oh, look Darlene. A piece of history in this walkway. Here is your father-in-laws honorable stone.

Finally some shade.

I kind of blend in don't I?

Do bones sunburn?

Hey, the dogs do it and I have to pee real bad.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dog I Love/ "Poe"

The Dog


He deserves royal treatment.

Knows of human needs,

reading tangled emotions

buried deep inside.

Helping to release

with a snuggle on a brisk morning,

a trick to laugh,

the simple tilt of his head.

But most of all,

Dog won't let me cry alone.

There at first sob

to lick cheeks,

the salt his treat,

to look with dark eyes

of simple understanding.


Words of no need.

Being is all.

His silence giving power within.

Untangling emotions,

his eyes sending

messages of only this moment to breathe.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Studio Space (Used to be the living room)

Did I tell you my studio space used to be the living room? Yep, I chucked the sofa and convinced my husband to move that very, very old heavy 12 drawer piece that I work at into another room. I love big old heavy pieces. Old piano, old wall shelf unit, big heavy mirrors and framed paintings, cupboards, etc. And for living in a large old house the doorways are narrow, or they seem that way when we're trying to squeeze in some of the furniture I must have.
My writing table is very long. Looks like something a french woman would have in her dining room. It is handmade from old (there's that word old again) wood by a local artist. My writing desk shares the art studio but I'm rethinking this. I would like one room for writing and reading. I find I need spaces to be defined specifically per activity since I have so many different interests. (art assemblage, canvas painting, mixed-media collage, illustration, writing, etc.) I can spin myself in circles if I'm not careful. Here's a little peek into my creative space.

That is Poe (maltese) sitting by my reading/thinking chair. He's usually close by and is not shy about barking at anyone who comes near me when I'm in that chair. Found those rusty things at a quaint nearby flea market.


Finally a Porch Supper

Peaches are in season and it is a lovely time to have a little porch supper. I invited my sisters for a simple supper and peach parfait for dessert. I have a wonderfully large wrap around porch with cement columns that is surrounded by antique pines. Next time I've promised peach cobbler and homemade icecream. I love to walk down the sidewalk and see people gathered on their porches in early evening, resting after supper and doing dishes.

I live with my daughter's maltese (hey Suzanne and Matt, I think I'll keep him now), and with my other daughter's 4 rescue cats. Only Luna (cat) was allowed to put on her party dress and attend. The others are still studying "Ettiquette for Social Porch Suppers."

Enjoy your porch setting this weekend,


Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Workout


I thought I might take my two days off and declare not to drive the car. Good for the earth to park it a bit and good for my wallet to save on gasoline. Good for losing some weight if I walk. Also, don't the french walk everywhere? (They also get to take leisurely lunches, take naps, make love, or whatever in the middle of the day. I think it has something to do with them having the Eiffel Tower instead of the Statue of Liberty.) I privately want to be a lovely french woman, but that's hard to do when I live in Danville. (That would be hard to do if I lived in Paris.)

Regardless, I also thought parking the car for two days would ensure I walked for two days. I could bike or walk to run my errands. Put on a cute little shirtdress with a belt and carry my canvas bags. Except I don't have a cute little shirtdress and the belt is out of the question with my waistline; but I do have the canvas bags. Usually I use these when I go shopping for books and art supplies. (Both of these activities requires sitting.)

It went great parking the car and deciding to walk to run my errands. I simply didn't go to run any errands. Besides I had books to read and art supplies to use. Maybe next week I'll be a lovely french woman.

Au Revoir,