Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day at the Park With Todd and Darlene

Hey hon, I picked up a couple of hitch hikers today. I know it's not the 70's anymore, but they're traveling across two states to take bandaids to their dying Mother.
Where on earth did they go?

Is that you Todd and George?

Yeah, it's us all right. This is what happens to two perfectly normal men when you leave them in a hot car with the windows rolled up. I had to give George mouth to mouth thank you.

Yeah, and Mother won't even recognize us.

Oh well, stay buckled up. I'll make it up to you by taking you to the park.

You go ahead Todd. I'm not going out in public looking like this.

Darlene reviews the rules with Todd before they enter the park

Oh look, Darlene. There's a nice rusty piece for your art assemblage.

Awesome water fountain. Don't tell anyone but my cavity is full of coins. And I peed in the water.

Oh okay, I put the coins back. Now let me out.

I have a secret addiction for buying women's magazines.

Oooh, lovely bracelets.

Oh, look Darlene. A piece of history in this walkway. Here is your father-in-laws honorable stone.

Finally some shade.

I kind of blend in don't I?

Do bones sunburn?

Hey, the dogs do it and I have to pee real bad.

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Jackie said...

You are too freaking funny!!! What a crazy story! I love it! What did Gary say about that smoochy kiss Todd laid on you!! Pretty cheeky! tee heehee