Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally a Porch Supper

Peaches are in season and it is a lovely time to have a little porch supper. I invited my sisters for a simple supper and peach parfait for dessert. I have a wonderfully large wrap around porch with cement columns that is surrounded by antique pines. Next time I've promised peach cobbler and homemade icecream. I love to walk down the sidewalk and see people gathered on their porches in early evening, resting after supper and doing dishes.

I live with my daughter's maltese (hey Suzanne and Matt, I think I'll keep him now), and with my other daughter's 4 rescue cats. Only Luna (cat) was allowed to put on her party dress and attend. The others are still studying "Ettiquette for Social Porch Suppers."

Enjoy your porch setting this weekend,


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