Thursday, July 14, 2011

Studio Space (Used to be the living room)

Did I tell you my studio space used to be the living room? Yep, I chucked the sofa and convinced my husband to move that very, very old heavy 12 drawer piece that I work at into another room. I love big old heavy pieces. Old piano, old wall shelf unit, big heavy mirrors and framed paintings, cupboards, etc. And for living in a large old house the doorways are narrow, or they seem that way when we're trying to squeeze in some of the furniture I must have.
My writing table is very long. Looks like something a french woman would have in her dining room. It is handmade from old (there's that word old again) wood by a local artist. My writing desk shares the art studio but I'm rethinking this. I would like one room for writing and reading. I find I need spaces to be defined specifically per activity since I have so many different interests. (art assemblage, canvas painting, mixed-media collage, illustration, writing, etc.) I can spin myself in circles if I'm not careful. Here's a little peek into my creative space.

That is Poe (maltese) sitting by my reading/thinking chair. He's usually close by and is not shy about barking at anyone who comes near me when I'm in that chair. Found those rusty things at a quaint nearby flea market.


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