Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Workout


I thought I might take my two days off and declare not to drive the car. Good for the earth to park it a bit and good for my wallet to save on gasoline. Good for losing some weight if I walk. Also, don't the french walk everywhere? (They also get to take leisurely lunches, take naps, make love, or whatever in the middle of the day. I think it has something to do with them having the Eiffel Tower instead of the Statue of Liberty.) I privately want to be a lovely french woman, but that's hard to do when I live in Danville. (That would be hard to do if I lived in Paris.)

Regardless, I also thought parking the car for two days would ensure I walked for two days. I could bike or walk to run my errands. Put on a cute little shirtdress with a belt and carry my canvas bags. Except I don't have a cute little shirtdress and the belt is out of the question with my waistline; but I do have the canvas bags. Usually I use these when I go shopping for books and art supplies. (Both of these activities requires sitting.)

It went great parking the car and deciding to walk to run my errands. I simply didn't go to run any errands. Besides I had books to read and art supplies to use. Maybe next week I'll be a lovely french woman.

Au Revoir,

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