Monday, August 15, 2011

Kiss Cat Lips

I did this mixed-media collage on a flattened toilet tissue roll. See how to prep the cardboard on Mona's site: "Hands and Hearts." She shares a lot of free art info such as recycled art and offers paid workshops at a great price. Once you visit this lovely site you may want to join and stay awhile.

Another worthy one to visit and one that is sure to inspire you is "Roses on my Table." The art is beautiful and there are many choices at good prices, too. Take a peek at "Artful Gathering" from this site. This is something to think about joining for next year though as they are about to wrap up for this season.

Thank you Jackie PN for showing me the way to these sites.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

You kochin heimer! you made me blush by using my name!
I agree with you Darlene, that these sites are lovely to visit and make you feel welcome enough to take up residence! Creative wishes blowing your way! Catch them my dear friend!