Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roger Rosenblatt Means Cancel the Pizza (Twice)

Have you ever ordered pizza twice and cancelled it twice? This is all in the same evening roughly one and a half hours apart. My daughter has the lead in the play, "Wait Until Dark." Opening night is tomorrow so I thought I'd pick her up and go to our favorite cafe for dinner in Gambier, the home of Kenyon College. My daughter also happens to be house sitting and won't see her cats for two weeks. (She's the one with the rescue cats. This is the reason she got the housesitting job because the owner wanted someone who would talk to her cat and listen for a reply while she vacationed in Italy.) We've already ordered pizza and I know now you are wondering why we ordered pizza when we have plans to eat at the cafe. The pizza is for my husband who is at the store working not knowing yet he won't get a pizza and he'd better make a lunchmeat sandwich from the deli. Hmmmm, you say let's get on to why he didn't get the pizza....

We cancelled the pizza so she'd have time to visit the cats before play practice. (Visiting the cats wasn't part of the original plan.) The pizza is in the town where she is house sitting, the practice is in Gambier (an adjoining town), the cats are in another town. Yep, three towns involved. We apologize and say we will order later. So we've seen the cats and are back in Gambier just in time for practice. We order the pizza for the second time, but I remember I need to pick up gel medium at the bookstore. I walk in and see a poster advertising an appearance by Roger Rosenblatt. (See photo) I look at the clock. 7:10 pm. I look at the poster. It starts at 7:30pm. Tonight. I HAVE to hear Rosenblatt's reading. I can make it if......I cancel the pizza.

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