Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snail Mail Art

Remember penpals and glittery Christmas cards coming in the mail? Or the birthday card with money enclosed? In the fifth grade, to help us learn about other states, we got to send for geographical information. I knew I was in love with paper when the glossy tri-fold brochures arrived and sometimes a map of the state was included. Around the seventh grade I swooned over film catalogues and comic books. I collected stamps in the sixth grade. And who didn't like the smell of ink printed on school tests just fresh from the mimeograph machine? I was a true paper-aholic and if it came free to me in the mail it was super terrific.

My parents taught us to write thank you notes and to write letters often to our relatives who lived several hours away. I know how excited I was to use stationary with a border of splashy flowers or peace signs around the edges instead of notebook paper. Postage is more expensive now and the computer and cell phones have made communicating fast and easy, but I still find myself writing a letter, or sending a special package to someone. Which brings me to the subject of Snail Mail Art. I'm going to dedicate every day to sending a piece of art through the mail. I will send them to people I know and people I don't know at all, or people I admire and know only through their creative work.

I remember reading in Carolyn See's book, "Making a Literary Life" to send out charming notes to people whose work or reputation you admire. She says to do this five days a week for the rest of your life. (Whew!) It is important just to write and say thank you to someone. It is important to send art out into the world the snail mail way.

My first art mail will go to Wade Rouse. He is a humor essay writer who lives in Michigan. I hope to go to his writing retreat next year. I send this piece titled, "I voted for Wade...All's Relative." He has been nominated for best humor writer (right up there with Tina Fey) for his book, "All's Relative. Google his name and find out how you can vote. I told him I'd help spread the word and you can tell your friends. It just takes seconds to vote.

Have fun and maybe you'll be seeing a Snail Mail piece from me soon. Follow me here to watch where I send them. Oh, and if you send something to me I'll post it here.

Tra, la, la,


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