Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snail Mail Art

Snail Mail Art #5

If you haven't heard yet I am doing a little mail art project where I will make a piece of art and give it to someone I may know or not know. I'll give it through snail mail. I'm not sure how long I'll maintain this project...we'll see. We can send messages, copies of art, photos, and such over the internet. This is quick, fun, and even necessary at times, but I've heard of a few post offices closing and I want to encourage you to send out little surprises in the mail for others to receive, other than Christmas cards. What? You haven't been sending Christmas greetings by mail because the postage is too high and you don't have time inbetween all the other holiday activities? Hmmmmm. Set up a writing table. Choose lovely paper and a pen you only use for correspondence. You may not have an antique writing table but you could fill a decorated box with writing supplies. I have a small desk that is only used for writing letters. It feels lovely and special when I sit down to write a letter to a dear friend, such as the one I am about to mail snail mail art, too.

Her name is Jen Curran. We met years ago at a job we were both passionate about...homebased Head Start. The stories of our lives together took off from there. (Smile here) Jen and her husband own 7 Wendy restaurants which keeps them rather busy. Jen is a gorgeous lady and often gives too much of herself, but that is what happens when you care and love your family and friends like she does. Honestly, I could call her at 3:00am and ask her to put on purple polka dotted pj's and come over to give me a hug because I'm scared about the dream I just had and she'd be there. First, she'd have to go buy those pj's because who has purple polka dotted ones? She is extremely talented and sometimes I don't think she knows her own possibilities.....hint, hint, this is why I'm usually trying to push her back into creating her art. I made this piece of a lovely-fantastical world for her. Would love to have the magic power in me to give her this world. Hugs to you Jen, now go make some art.


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