Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snail Mail Art

Snail Mail Art # 10

I'm sending this piece to my daughter Stacy Campbell who will be moving to a new place this weekend. I'm hoping it will be her first piece of mail at this address. She has an apartment that overlooks the square of the historical section of this town. She'll be moved in just in time for the Christmas parade and to put up her little vintage silver tree (that the cats will promptly knock down).

Stacy is a writer (mostly on a typewriter instead of a computer) and has a passion for film. She recently played the lead role in "Wait Until Dark," with a community theater group. She is a vegetarian but can't cook many vegetarian dishes, hates when I cook bacon, (she calls it pig butt), adores chocolate (the really good stuff), and can bring a dying plant back to life. Once I commented about her lovely plant and she reminded me it was one I'd thrown away. Stacy has a sophisticated style, and an aura about her that pulls people in easily. I laugh a lot when I'm with Stacy... cry, too, but then that is how relationships are built...going up and down the hills together. Thanks for walking along side me all these years Stacy. (Well, more like ahead of me. She has long legs and takes long strides. I have to run to keep up with her.)

My love and best to you in your new home,

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