Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Try NOT to Express Yourself

Have you ever tried NOT to express yourself creatively? I can't do this on purpose, but often things roll in like Thanksgiving, or helping a friend, or decluttering the house, and before you know it shoulders are slumped, I feel out of sorts, and when I go to my journal pages to write it comes out that I have not been expressing myself creatively. Uh, oh, spaghettios.

I have to put my creative thoughts on paper through writing, or mixed-media collage , or painting. I have many avenues now for creative expression but I remember years ago when I wasn't creating or writing, and I knew I had to start again, or I'd certainly burst, I went out and bought crayons and a coloring book. The smell of crayons makes me eight years old again. (The eight year old in you will remind you of who you are again.) I simply colored. The motion of putting color on the page was similar to meditation. As I colored creative ideas came. Suddenly I was rushing to the art table to create. As I created ideas for writing came. Each creative project led to the next. Lettters to friends got written. The flowers my dad loved got planted at the edge of the garden. I started to go out every evening to look at the night sky. I felt very free. Changes were happening inside me because I was letting the creative energy out. If you're stuck or you need to start your creative life become eight again. Play with play-doh (remember to smell it), sprinkle some glitter, make turkeys out of pinecone and feathers, make homemade paste. Be free again......


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