Friday, December 23, 2011

Encaustic Crackle

I finally tried a wax piece....encaustic art. The interesting part is that I did not buy anything on my long list of encaustic art materials to do this piece.

I typically think I have to have all the best quality supplies to start a new art project but since I have never worked with wax before (other than melting crayons to make chunky crayons) I decided to use what I had or what I could find close by.

I did have to buy some shellac at the hardware store for the "shellac crackle" effect. After I apply layers of wax, then fuse it with a heat gun, I spread on shellac, then light it with a torch to get the crackle effect. I bought some organic beeswax from the neighboring bee keeper....only $1.25 a block. I even used crayola crayons to add color to the wax.

You can see I stayed true to loving mixed media and used paper ephemera and found objects. The coolest piece I used was one of Dave Hunter's handmade eyeballs. Cool huh? And the photo image in the top left corner was recently given to me by another artist friend Jackie. We send art materials back and forth to each other.

I admit I'm a bit afraid of encaustic art but it has been calling to me for years, so here I go. I'll keep practicing and I'll try different products and techniques until I can relax and loose myself in it.

P.S. The smell of natural beeswax is wonderful.


nzflutterby said...

Loved your encaustic art and thanks for sharing the process. Very interesting

Jackie said...

Very kool Darlene! Digging the eyeball in the pic! i Do have to admit when you said shellac and torch, I said, YIKES goodbye eyebrows!!
Seems as though you came out allright had me nervous! :}