Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Painting Layers and Layers and Layers

I painted this maybe two years ago. Acrylic and oil. There was a point where I thought it was done...or was it?

This year I decided that it wasn't done. I painted the stained glass in the window and added blue edging around the figure. HHmmmm. I propped it up on top of the piano where I was forced to look at it. I was lost about what to do. It seemed constipated to me. Too forced. Not raw enough. Two nights ago I was ready to move on with it. It was after midnight and I brushed white acrylic mixed with glaze medium over the window and other features.

I was liking the ghost effect because this is a painting of my estranged daughter whom I love dearly.

She has mystifying, beautiful blue eyes.

I add an arm and hand and strokes of vertical lines in purple.

I smear the background paint with my fingers. (Remember finger painting?) I love the wildness of this. I feel wild remembering her and I quickly scrawl the word "Remember" in the wet paint with a caran d'ache oil crayon. When the paint dries a bit I go over it again so the black shows up better.

I add the red and then take it out.

I go to bed around 2:30 am and can't wait to get back up to work on this painting. The next morning I only have about an hour to work on it. I have to be to work soon. I'm not able to concentrate. Too many distractions with people in the house, etc. But I work anyway and the results start to scare me. Have I ruined it?

And what's with the blue spikey wig bit on her head. Where is this coming from?

I like some of the other colors I added to outline but I feel like I'm using someone elses hands to paint. I'm not fully into it....
Perhaps I'm thinking too much....

I put some glaze medium on a wide soft brush and drag it over the face to pull color from the pupils...black tears. I like this.

That evening after work I quickly cover the blue hair with gesso...maybe then I can sleep.

Now she looks like Judy Jetson waving hello. Oh well answers will come tomorrow.

Today I have the house to myself for two hours before I go to work. I put on music...something that sounds tribal and I paint free of myself. I'm chasing after myself I am moving so quickly. It is easy today.

This is what it looks like now........ The words "No Exit" (Huis Clos) are put back in. This is the title of one of my favorite plays by Paul Satre. Hey, I played Estelle in this play at college.

Building layers as I paint, like how I do mixed media collage, has helped my painting style evolve.
In order to do it I have to let go. I've taken photos along the way so I can see where I started and I also like to make copies of these to use in my collage work. I hope you come back to see the finished painting.



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