Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snail Mail Art

Snail Mail Art #12

This piece is mailed to my friend Toni Lyons. Toni is a Kindergarten teacher and the mother of my two favorite boys. (My husband and I like to consider them our grandchildren) I was their nanny for several years. I'd sit them during the morning before I went to work from 2 to 10pm. Toni has an absolute prescence about herself that makes me light up and smile when I see her. She is calm, creative, happy, and lovely. And of course, her sons are very much like her. Although Toni is younger than me (the age of my oldest daughter) she has often elightened me and taught me new ways. She is someone to pay attention to.

I made this background black & white to resemble work on a classroom chalkboard.


1 comment:

nzflutterby said...

Love this one. reminds me of one of our pukekos.
Yours is cuter though