Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snail Mail Art

Snail Mail Art #13

If you are just joining me here I have started an art project where everyday I am mailing little pieces of art to people I know and love and/or to people I may not know at all but admire. I hope this project helps keep snail mail alive. Mail something to someone today.

I mailed this one to my sister Donna Hamilton. Donna and her husband have their own business. Their two sons work for them. If someone asked me what is most important to Donna I'd answer without hesitation: Family & Faith. It is at the heart of every day for her. She is the one in our family who keeps "an eye out for everyone" and makes certain we gather together when we forget and go round and round with our busy schedules. Donna extends herself to anyone in need. One winter right before Christmas my stove broke. Guess who made sure I had a new stove in time to make Christmas dinner?


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