Monday, January 9, 2012

Doodles Unleashed with Traci Bautista

This is the second year I've taken the Strathmore online classes. Traci Bautista is the first workshop instructor. I used stencils (some found objects such as a pine branch, lace, feather, rubberbands, etc.) , then I made spray watercolor paint to start a background. I used golden fluid acrylic paints and caran d'ache oil crayons to add design. Made the black circles by stamping a small spool in paint. Used daler rowney liquid acrylic to add further marks and designs. Put a wash over the entire piece with sunshine yellow india ink to pull it all together. Added white with a gelly roll pen and whiteout. I used a brush to put the white out on. Ruined the brush. Traci uses white out pens but I didn't have one yet.


ann said...

Wow this is just soooo cool, love your chosen colours and the way you have blended them great doodle page.!!!

Rabbit Micael Chadwick said...

I really dig this. I didn't have a white out pen either for my first one last week (and am too cheap and stubborn to buy one), so I just used white paint and a fine tipped brush. Looks the same (to me).

I have to wonder how much of this is really pushing product, and how much is teaching technique sometimes. Fortunately, I have yet to actually use any of my supplies that I am truly married to. Last week's was an art board I got for Christmas; this week's was a piece of paper I already had spilled paint on.

I did their art journaling last year with mixed results and thought I would give this one a go - but thus far, I have yet to break out my pom-poms and pigtails over it... I'm saving the cartwheels for later.

We'll see.

But I really like this piece of yours. It looks like it belongs. Mine is like the adopted child at the family reunion with the bad hair and buck teeth...

denthe said...

Hi Darlene, love what you did with this first lesson of Traci. I watched the videos but still didn't try it, Seems I'm having some kind of paintblock... You say you're a big fan of Jesse Reno, did you do a workshop with him? 'Cause I can see a resemblance to his work. Very nice!