Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winner of the February Giveaway

With the random drawing results I am happy to announce the winner of a variety of pens/writing tools.........Congratulations Jeanne.

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Everyone check in about the 2nd week of March for the next GIVEAWAY.
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21 of the 52 ATC Card Deck

I created 21 of the 52 ATC inspiration cards today. I have to put on the inspirational words yet. I will type those on my typewriter. These are for a 52 deck swap inspired by a chapter in Christine Mason Miller's book, "Desire to be Inspired," and coordinated by Jessica Brogan. ( A chunky book will be made to return to participants. I am so excited (and inspired) to be a part of this.
Mixed media collage, acrylic and oil pastel.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

ATC Swap

These are the six ATC cards I created for a swap among artists participating in the first Strathmore workshop. Thank you Anne from California for hosting this. The first workshop was taught by Traci Bautista...a fabulous art doodler. There are two workshops to go yet. The next starts on March 1st...watercolor. Click on the painting of the cat in the right sidebar to join the Strathmore workshops. It is a large social network and one of the many extras I got from this site is the ATC swap. Come on over and say hello.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Desire to Inspire

Christine Mason Miller has a wonderful book out titled, Desire to Inspire." I listened to Christine today on Webinar about doing character studies to help inspire. Tonia Davenport has a post on "Create Mixed Media" blog with a chance to win Miller's book. One book every week and all you have to do for the chance is to leave a comment about a person who has inspired you. This is certainly a book I will order if I don't win it first. So get on over to "Create Mixed Media" and enter. You'll find other wonders while you're there. Look for the 52 deck of inspirational cards swap. I just saw the post today and missed out on this deadline, but I left a message I wanted to participate if she gave it another go.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Window Back There

This art assemblage piece is titled, "A Window Back There." I am enchanted with the space between awake and sleep and the power that space holds for us...if only we knew how to tap into it. This piece represents a window into that time. What is time other than what we know of it defined by clocks and calendars.....and where are we really when we are dreaming?...I've used a clock as a symbol to these other areas of time and have included old pieces such as marbles from my dad's childhood, the handle to his workbench, a fuse and nails from my old childhood home, etc. If I could hover in that space between here and there and look through the window back there I may find myself in a space without the tick-tock-ticking of the clock. We'd be forever...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

She Forgot She Can't Remember

This is what I did on the large canvas painting today. This is roughly phase three. I had so much adrenaline going while I was working on this I could hardly keep up with myself. I love when that happens. Took a break to make supper...needed a quick one so I made an omelet, mush and fresh fruit. Tried to do dishes in ten minutes (I did) and one load of laundry, because dear fellow artists, I certainly can't be taking too much time from the studio. I will let the painting sit a bit and shift gears to work on six ATC cards for a swap, plus the start of a two page spread in the art journal.

If you all haven't heard I have switched my days and nights back around to follow the natural cycle of the sun and the moon. I am no longer up howling with the werewolves until 3:00am. I TRY to get in bed by 11:00. This means I don't have as much time in the studio now. Thought I would simply switch art/writing time to the mornings, but other daily things seem to interrupt so far. And don't even ask me about the writing. I feel like I lost it in the basement somewhere. Must block out time for this, too. It's only been two weeks since I changed my schedule, so I must be patient.

Hey, while you're here sign up for my GIVEAWAY. See the related post.


Darlene (Freenie)

February Giveaway

I love GIVEAWAY time. I have talked to many artists lately and one of the most common questions that comes up regarding supplies used is, "What white pens work the best on mixed-media collage? Any ideas anyone?" Soooooo, I am giving a pile (a pile translates to more than 10) of different white pens as the GIVEAWAY for February. Leave me a comment as to whether you use white pens in your work, or wish to, or name the ones you can't create without. The winner (sometimes I surprise and choose more than one winner) will be chosen by a number drawing and announced on Thursday, February 29th. I look forward to reading your comments. Best of luck.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She Forgot She Can't Remember

This is a large canvas painting I am currently working on. I used arcylic paint and paper collage. The words that spell out "She Forgot She Can't Remember" are paper copies of family photos and childhood photos. Next I will paint the entire piece with a layer of Golden Fluid Acrylic paint mixed with some water and Gel Medium for a glazing effect. I may use more than one color but not sure yet. Then I plan to do an acrylic ink "process"....but I can't predict too much too far in advance. I have to be at the canvas and completely involved before I really know how I'm proceeding, but I will take photos along the way to keep you posted. So I hope you stop back by to see the progress.

While I wait for stages of this painting to dry I'll work on ATC cards...both for my snail mail project and for a swap. Have you been sending any art out in the mail? I love doing this especially when it is a surprise to the recipient.

Note: Visit me tomorrow, February 16th to see what my GIVEAWAY will be for this month.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Steampunk Paperdoll

Steampunk Paperdoll

This photo shows a vinyl tab attached to her back which makes her swing back and forth.

This is one of two paperdolls I made for the group "Roses on my Table." What a lovely art group and I adore the other artists I chat with there, but let me tell you making these paperdolls sends me over the edge and back. (In a funny way.) I think part of the pressure I put on myself is that it is a swap. So the dolls I make someone else in the group will receive and vice versa. And there is a theme to if I could make whatever paperdoll I wanted I'd produce faster, but add a theme (this one was steampunk) and I guess I have trouble working inside the box, especially when I'm hoping the results will please someone else. Hey, if you like making paperdolls, or tags, or arches, and art journals visit the Roses site. Many other wonderful creative opportunities there I haven't even mentioned, plus the members are funny, caring, and talented.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Hurry Up, Let's Go" Picture Story

These are some drawings I'm working on for my picture story titled, "Hurry Up, Let's Go." I'm kind of fond of Babysitter Sue. How about you?