Thursday, February 23, 2012

Desire to Inspire

Christine Mason Miller has a wonderful book out titled, Desire to Inspire." I listened to Christine today on Webinar about doing character studies to help inspire. Tonia Davenport has a post on "Create Mixed Media" blog with a chance to win Miller's book. One book every week and all you have to do for the chance is to leave a comment about a person who has inspired you. This is certainly a book I will order if I don't win it first. So get on over to "Create Mixed Media" and enter. You'll find other wonders while you're there. Look for the 52 deck of inspirational cards swap. I just saw the post today and missed out on this deadline, but I left a message I wanted to participate if she gave it another go.



Jan said...

I've been having trouble being able to leave comments on blogs lately and yours is one. I wanted to leave a comment saying how much I liked the piece I saw on maybe your last post. The piece using an old clock and pieces from your fathers workshop? Anyway, I thought it was really great.

Swirly said...

Thank you for your support Darlene ~ I'm also excited to see your creations for the card deck swap!