Thursday, February 9, 2012

Steampunk Paperdoll

This photo shows a vinyl tab attached to her back which makes her swing back and forth.

This is one of two paperdolls I made for the group "Roses on my Table." What a lovely art group and I adore the other artists I chat with there, but let me tell you making these paperdolls sends me over the edge and back. (In a funny way.) I think part of the pressure I put on myself is that it is a swap. So the dolls I make someone else in the group will receive and vice versa. And there is a theme to if I could make whatever paperdoll I wanted I'd produce faster, but add a theme (this one was steampunk) and I guess I have trouble working inside the box, especially when I'm hoping the results will please someone else. Hey, if you like making paperdolls, or tags, or arches, and art journals visit the Roses site. Many other wonderful creative opportunities there I haven't even mentioned, plus the members are funny, caring, and talented.

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