Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day Trip in Columbus Ohio

Everyone who knows us knows we RARELY have a day together. Yesterday we shared an ENTIRE day trip together in  Columbus. Too long driving back and forth on the freeway.....saw Cleveland Avenue too many times (not intentionally).....favorite restaurant closed down.......need food and iced tea really bad. Stopped at the Polaris mall just because I never shop except for at bookstores, and flea markets, or art know thought I'd give it a go again.......UGh!! Who likes that caged in atmosphere at the mall? If I won the lottery and could buy a new wardrobe (I need one) I'd hire my daughters to go shop for me.

This is the look pasted on Gary's face when we realized we were on Cleveland Avenue (again) and going the wrong way. I laugh hysterically. He stone faces it up.
Found a wonderful store called Columbus Architectural Salvage and an Italian bakery, both of them side by side and tucked behind an alley off of 11th avenue. Had a cannolli that was divine and bought some metal stencils and old salvaged wood to do plaster and wax work on. The most interesting places are tucked away like this and it is such a surprise when you find them (rather than those monster malls popping up everywhere.) Do you know they had valet parking at the mall? WHY?

Note: Arrow pointing to my mouth says "Gold tooth for sale" and "Lipstick applied in moving car."

Hugs and good wishes for more day trips,

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