Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Painting and Art Assemblage

Hmmmm, nothing like cat hair in a painting. This is Loki, my daughter's cat. She has recently moved so I have to go out to visit him. When I visit he likes to get up on my shoulders so he can snuggle in my hair. I can carry him around like that while he sleeps. He is a huge baby and needs a lot of attention. I miss him in my studio. Often he would just watch me paint.

The bottom photo is an art assemblage piece I've been trying to finish since last summer. Not that I don't know how to proceed, I just keep putting other projects ahead of it. Plus, I need to order apoxie clay. I've taken two online classes with Michael DeMeng and I hope to take a live workshop with him this summer, so I'd better get to practicing.

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ann said...

WOW what a beautiful cat and a very interesting piece of Art you are working on, I look forward to a show and tell when finished !!!