Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ink Drawing on Paper

B&W Drawing inspired by Max van der Ree. I traced my hand and then proceeded to draw whatever came to mind. I remember drawing like this in study hall instead of studying. I watched a video of an intricate hand drawing on the site "Hands and Hearts" by Max van der Ree. Amazing! Moni has added a group to the Hands and Heart site called Cool Links or such. If you create art journals or are into mixed-media collage you will want to join this group. It is a great resource for free images you can download, etc. Moni will also be teaching at the online workshops "Artful Gathering." Click on the photo in the left side bar for more information.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paper Doll Swap on Roses On My Table Site

These are the paperdolls from Marilou and Kay I received in the swap over at "Roses On My Table" site (Christina Zinnia Galliher). Can you guess what the theme was? We had to incorporate a tea bag, tea stain, or such in the dolls. The backs are dressed too.

Still Having a Go at the Art Journal Pages

All you have to notice about this one is that I painted a male instead of a female. When I first started painting I used oils. I painted some male portraits for a juried art show when I was a senior in highschool. I had lived in the attic my Junior and Senior years and I remember this is where I painted. The painting of Crosby (of Crosby, Nash, and Young) won a prize....hmmm, I think someone purchased it, because neither painting was returned to me. Hey, does anyone out there have my paintings? I always fantasized about walking into a flea market or Goodwill and finding them among the other giveaways. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Journal Pages

More art journal pages using acrylic and oil pastel on watercolor paper. I will bind these and make a cover. I am painting the fronts and 4 paintings per page, but I haven't decided how many pages I will put into this book. This page reminds me how I like to dream I'm a fish swimming deep in the ocean waters. There wouldn't be as much noise there and the water would feel very nice...just haven't figured out how I'd hold a paintbrush there....


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Somerset Studio Magazine

You've heard me talk about Seth Apter and his new book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media," and all the entertaining ways he was doing his book you won't be surprised to hear that he made the cover of Somerset Magazine. He knew he was going to be featured as artist profile, but it was a surprise to him that he got the cover. The interview is by Rice Freeman-Zachery so you know it will be in-depth and interesting. Plus, it has to be to have a subject such as Seth Apter.

You can see pages of his work in the May-June 2012 issue and on his blog:

Rice-Freeman-Zachery has published three books (two of which I have) and she is one of the zaniest and creative people blogging. If you need creative inspiration and a giggle visit:

Join her Creative Life group at:

Now run out and get that magazine,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Could I be avoiding writing if I'm taking photos of my hand at the keyboard? Ahhh, sometimes the distractions are necessary when the words won't come. I even went out and pulled some weeds...okay, back to work...right after I make peanut butter cookies.


Art Journal Pages

I've been creating art journal pages on 140lb watercolor paper using mostly acrylic and oil pastel. (And not to forget the squiggle glitter.) The text in her hair is, "standing under the moonlight saying hello again..." Every evening I talk to the moon and say hello to those I love who are not in my life anymore. I like to feel the power of the night sky before I sleep. Hopefully I take that power into my dreams and I interact with the loved ones I miss in my dreams. (It works...)

I have made many "Kiss Cat Lips" paintings. I've used it on greeting cards, painted it on board, and watercolor paper. He just keeps showing up. The portrait has my style of underwriting on it. I like to write then turn the paper upside down and continue writing inbetween the lines. The text in the hair is very, very loose writing...almost scribbling with only one or two words appearing. (And then you really have to look to read them.) Perfect for expressing thoughts that I want be part of the painting, but kept private. It is a way I add emotion and vulnerability to the painting. 
The text in the painting is, "I talked to the moon last night." The dog is based on Poe. He thinks he is king when he sits on my lap. He is my daughter's dog and she gets so frustrated because he becomes my "guard" and he growls or barks at anyone who comes close while he is sitting with me. He is especially protective of me on my days off from the day job. I get it...don't you?

This collage was made using vintage book paper and cardboard. The color is acrylic paint and oil pastel. This says, ""I want to hover in the space between here and there. The moon and the sun will shine at the same time, and there will be joy." and "maybe I should forget to lock the door." and "attic door closed forever..."

These art journal pages will be bound with a handmade cover. Not sure what material I'll use for the cover...maybe an option with plaster cloth.


P.S. I've been eating morel mushrooms. Wonderful time of year in Ohio for mushroom lovers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Geisha Paperdoll

This is a Geisha Paperdoll. One of the two I will be mailing out tomorrow for a swap on "Roses on my Table." Her name is Mira. If I find the photo of my other paperdoll (lost somewhere in my cyberspace files) I will post it. Or go to my Facebook page to see the photo of KiraKira. I used acrylic, vintage lace, and beadwork. That is a real teabag on the back. A Licorice tea bag so she smells nice.

Art Journal Pages

I can find strength through my dog. I'd welcome the silence, and being King Dog to simply snuggle in a loved one's lap. We'd go out at night and talk (howl) at the moon. This was created using acrylic and oil pastels on 140lb watercolor paper.


Experiment With Left Hand

Happy Experiment. As artists you never know where inspiration will jump out at you. You have to be ready to reach out and grab it. I was visiting Melody Nunez's blog today because she is in Seth Apter's new book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media." I also went to her facebook page and saw that Melody had posted a comment about hoping her wrist would heal so she could get back to art and baking. I suggested "for fun and interesting discoveries" she may consider using her non-dominate hand. As soon as I said it I thought whoa, that's probably harder than it sounds. But it intrigued me enough to try it. I did this ATC with my left hand. Fun? Yes, because I didn't HAVE to do it that way. Discoveries? Yes, I kept wanting to reach out with my right hand and "help." I also noticed the light and supplies were not in the correct positions for using my left hand. I had to work much slower which can be a good thing. Outlining was scary, but I kind of like the results and may do this on purpose in another piece. Because of this I've decided to do an art journal using my non-dominate hand and record my thoughts about the process along the way. (I'll keep you posted...)
Please send out healing thoughts to Melody for recovery from carpal tunnel. Oh, and give her wonderful blog a visit for a chance to win a copy of Seth's book.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Trudi Sisson's "Two Dresses Studio" Giveaways

Not one, but THREE chances to win. Moo cards designed by Trudi Sissons. And Seth Apter's new book "The Pulse Of Mixed Media." Jump on over to see Trudi's beautiful work on her blog and enter for a chance to win.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Landon Sprouts a Bean Plant

 We visited Levi and Landon today to take them some of those cookies I baked yesterday and to show Landon the state of his bean plant. Last week Landon gave me a bean he had sprouted in a bag at preschool (see bottom photo). He said, "Take very, very good care of this." I asked, "Is it a lima bean, baked bean, and he interrupts, "It's a green bean. Please don't forget to water it."

Here's the bean on his first day at my house. Two days later he pushed his little bean head right out of the bag and I planted it in a pot. Less than a week later it changed immensely.

Levi Sketches

Ahhh, the simple joys of interacting with children to remind us we are truly living the creative life blessed with inspiration and unconditional love. Levi was born during a very difficult time in my life and I would care for him at his house before I went to my day job at 2:00 pm. I would build block towers for the monkeys and push tractors along the make believe field. A couple of years later his brother Landon was born. We ate lots of toast and made up silly rhyming songs.
There is a Zen saying, "It is all quite simple...getting there is not always easy." The development of wisdom is a long process and if I could not emerge, out of grief and suffering, as a person with greater, love, compassion, and inspiration for living then that would seem a waste. Levi and Landon came into my life with no boundaries, no expectations ...only themselves in response to me and only experiencing the very present after day after day.  Every moment was spirited and true. They gave me unconditional love. They didn't even consider that it should be any other way. Simple joys. Simple loving hearts. It is wise to spend time with very young children and very old people. They teach us to get on with the moment before it is lost forever. They wouldn't even think of taking time from the present to fuss about what happened yesterday now would they? I would show up at their house and mimick their play. Play is healing. I remember going out and buying a coloring book and crayons to color like I was eight years old again. I colored until I found myself back at the canvas painting. I colored until I found myself writing again.

 Last week I gave Levi a sketchbook. He has been drawing in it regularly. As his brother Landon says, "He has a new chapter started." Levi is writing about the monsters and naming each one. The names aren't familiar names like Bob or Michael. He has made up his own names I think inspired by us talking about JRR Tolkien's books. He wrote, "Monsters can be funny as well as scary." He has juggling monsters (A picture of a monster juggling cats), and there are King monsters in his book. I hope to be able to make a stop motion animation film when he finishes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Journal Pages

Do you have one of those day jobs where you can hardly stand to be there because all you can think about doing is writing or painting? Uh, huh, I have one of those too. So I have a day off today and I did everything BUT create or write until 8pm. I did get to bake some bread and two kinds of cookies (comfort food is important), and I visted my daughter and  her cats and kissed their furry heads (I miss them so, but not the cat hair in my house). Finally, I created two double page spreads. (Now I can sleep). Well, I don't's 1:00am.