Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Art Journal Pages

I've been creating art journal pages on 140lb watercolor paper using mostly acrylic and oil pastel. (And not to forget the squiggle glitter.) The text in her hair is, "standing under the moonlight saying hello again..." Every evening I talk to the moon and say hello to those I love who are not in my life anymore. I like to feel the power of the night sky before I sleep. Hopefully I take that power into my dreams and I interact with the loved ones I miss in my dreams. (It works...)

I have made many "Kiss Cat Lips" paintings. I've used it on greeting cards, painted it on board, and watercolor paper. He just keeps showing up. The portrait has my style of underwriting on it. I like to write then turn the paper upside down and continue writing inbetween the lines. The text in the hair is very, very loose writing...almost scribbling with only one or two words appearing. (And then you really have to look to read them.) Perfect for expressing thoughts that I want be part of the painting, but kept private. It is a way I add emotion and vulnerability to the painting. 
The text in the painting is, "I talked to the moon last night." The dog is based on Poe. He thinks he is king when he sits on my lap. He is my daughter's dog and she gets so frustrated because he becomes my "guard" and he growls or barks at anyone who comes close while he is sitting with me. He is especially protective of me on my days off from the day job. I get it...don't you?

This collage was made using vintage book paper and cardboard. The color is acrylic paint and oil pastel. This says, ""I want to hover in the space between here and there. The moon and the sun will shine at the same time, and there will be joy." and "maybe I should forget to lock the door." and "attic door closed forever..."

These art journal pages will be bound with a handmade cover. Not sure what material I'll use for the cover...maybe an option with plaster cloth.


P.S. I've been eating morel mushrooms. Wonderful time of year in Ohio for mushroom lovers.


Dawn said...

Loving the journal pages, why not join in my challenge each month April is April Showers there is still time to get your page/s in.

Cristina Jacó said...

Hi Darlene, thanks for visiting my blog ( I love your journal pages. They are very fun. Cheers!