Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experiment With Left Hand

Happy Experiment. As artists you never know where inspiration will jump out at you. You have to be ready to reach out and grab it. I was visiting Melody Nunez's blog today because she is in Seth Apter's new book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media." I also went to her facebook page and saw that Melody had posted a comment about hoping her wrist would heal so she could get back to art and baking. I suggested "for fun and interesting discoveries" she may consider using her non-dominate hand. As soon as I said it I thought whoa, that's probably harder than it sounds. But it intrigued me enough to try it. I did this ATC with my left hand. Fun? Yes, because I didn't HAVE to do it that way. Discoveries? Yes, I kept wanting to reach out with my right hand and "help." I also noticed the light and supplies were not in the correct positions for using my left hand. I had to work much slower which can be a good thing. Outlining was scary, but I kind of like the results and may do this on purpose in another piece. Because of this I've decided to do an art journal using my non-dominate hand and record my thoughts about the process along the way. (I'll keep you posted...)
Please send out healing thoughts to Melody for recovery from carpal tunnel. Oh, and give her wonderful blog a visit for a chance to win a copy of Seth's book.


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Tralasong said...

Awesome ATC - and what a cool idea. I'm going to try it!