Thursday, April 5, 2012

Levi Sketches

Ahhh, the simple joys of interacting with children to remind us we are truly living the creative life blessed with inspiration and unconditional love. Levi was born during a very difficult time in my life and I would care for him at his house before I went to my day job at 2:00 pm. I would build block towers for the monkeys and push tractors along the make believe field. A couple of years later his brother Landon was born. We ate lots of toast and made up silly rhyming songs.
There is a Zen saying, "It is all quite simple...getting there is not always easy." The development of wisdom is a long process and if I could not emerge, out of grief and suffering, as a person with greater, love, compassion, and inspiration for living then that would seem a waste. Levi and Landon came into my life with no boundaries, no expectations ...only themselves in response to me and only experiencing the very present after day after day.  Every moment was spirited and true. They gave me unconditional love. They didn't even consider that it should be any other way. Simple joys. Simple loving hearts. It is wise to spend time with very young children and very old people. They teach us to get on with the moment before it is lost forever. They wouldn't even think of taking time from the present to fuss about what happened yesterday now would they? I would show up at their house and mimick their play. Play is healing. I remember going out and buying a coloring book and crayons to color like I was eight years old again. I colored until I found myself back at the canvas painting. I colored until I found myself writing again.

 Last week I gave Levi a sketchbook. He has been drawing in it regularly. As his brother Landon says, "He has a new chapter started." Levi is writing about the monsters and naming each one. The names aren't familiar names like Bob or Michael. He has made up his own names I think inspired by us talking about JRR Tolkien's books. He wrote, "Monsters can be funny as well as scary." He has juggling monsters (A picture of a monster juggling cats), and there are King monsters in his book. I hope to be able to make a stop motion animation film when he finishes.

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