Thursday, April 19, 2012

Somerset Studio Magazine

You've heard me talk about Seth Apter and his new book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media," and all the entertaining ways he was doing his book you won't be surprised to hear that he made the cover of Somerset Magazine. He knew he was going to be featured as artist profile, but it was a surprise to him that he got the cover. The interview is by Rice Freeman-Zachery so you know it will be in-depth and interesting. Plus, it has to be to have a subject such as Seth Apter.

You can see pages of his work in the May-June 2012 issue and on his blog:

Rice-Freeman-Zachery has published three books (two of which I have) and she is one of the zaniest and creative people blogging. If you need creative inspiration and a giggle visit:

Join her Creative Life group at:

Now run out and get that magazine,

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