Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Magic of Eyes in a Painting

Do you ever find yourself making eye contact with a stranger and saying hello? Sure we do. Everyday. I work at a store so I am making eye contact every three minutes for eight hours a day. Some of those eyes I'd rather not look at. They are scary, or drunk, or zoned way out. Once in awhile I'll look up and be mesmerized by a set of eyes. Deep brown and a little sad like a bassett hounds, or vivid blue and sparkling with excitement. Soft green and filled with compassion. Silver blue with a shadow of sadness. No words need to be spoken. It is all spoken through the eyes. A visual art. I find myself staring and blurting out that if I had a camera I'd ask for a photo so I could paint them later. This always brings a smile. It's kind of like, "you had me at the eyes." Anyway, I'm a big fan of eyes. I love to paint them. I like to see paintings where the person is staring wishfully out beyond the canvas. And I think I will challenge myself this week and see if I have the nerve to start capturing some of those people with the great eyes. Then you'll see what I mean. Take a "look" with me this week.


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Dawn said...

How wonderful, I hope you do. I love the eyes aren't they the gates to the soul? love Dawn xx