Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Once Upon a Time...(Dawn's Monthly Journal Journey Challenge)

The theme for Dawn's Journal Journey this month is "Once Upon a Time".....I used to love the childhood stories which started with this. I knew it would be a magical tale and usually Grimm's Brothers were the authors. I still love Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, etc. William Steig is one of my favorite authors, along with Maurice Sendak. Great storytellers and illustrators. I may have to get these books out tonight and read aloud to myself.

Jump on over to Dawn's Blog to join the journal challenges each month. (See link below or her badge in the left margin.) Infact, Dawn has several creative blogs you'll want to visit. I met Dawn through Strathmore online workshops in January 2011. She gave me my first tips to start a blog. Thanks Dawn.



Janet Ghio said...

I adore your animals!!

Dawn said...

This is a wonderful Journal page thank you so much for joining in our Journal Journey's challenge this month you rocked it. I also love Hans Christian Anderson & Brothers Grim I am reading the Lady bird book versions to my grandson and they are so much fun. Love Dawn xx

P.S. Can you please put a link to my blog in your post so others can find it and join in the challenge Thanks xx

Colleen Colquhoun Athens said... I found your blog by your girls picture....I love her I'm looking around and I love this animal too...I dig the little humps on his back...I do remember. drawing something like that...thanks for taking me once upon a time.......

Gina said...

Fabulously colourful, happy dragon :D XXX

Jill said...

Hi Darlene!

I *love* your mythical creature. It kinda reminds me of my childhood. I did a picture sort of like this for a competition when I was about 7 (before I lost all ability to draw lol) and won a Blue Peter badge for it.

Anyone in the UK will know about Blue Peter and I was soooo proud of my badge that I've still got it 35 years later!!!