Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artful Gathering Workshop with Pam Carriker

Okay, lets state upfront that if you follow my work you know I like to draw flat images. (Yes, on purpose.) I will maintain that style (because it's me inside and out) but am trying something new, which is always good for growth. I am currently taking an online workshop hosted by Artful Gathering. The instructor is Pam Carriker, "Still Pursuing Portraits." Pam is a fabulous teacher. Couldn't get any better than if she was seated next to me as I sketched.

See the left sidebar and click on Artful Gathering image to sign up. There are two sessions (6 weeks each) of different workshops to choose from: June and July. Many intriguing courses that offer a DVD to purchase, plus many talented instructors with the creative host Zinnia. You've heard me talk about the site "Roses On My Table." Zinnia is the founder of this lovely site, too.

My first finished sketch. I am already addicted to sketching portraits. Practicing over and over is the key to developing your style and technique.  Maybe next time I'll draw her a bit happier, huh?


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Janet Ghio said...

Great job Darlene!