Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moleskine Journal for "Writing Meditation"

The cover of my Moleskine journal.  I carry a Moleskine journal with me everywhere (and I mean everywhere). I usually decoupage a print of my art on the cover. This time I used a Gelly pen and a Glazed Gelly pen to draw the hand art on the cover. Anyone else use Moleskines? I have the sketchbooks, but I need to treat myself to a watercolor Moleskine next.

Here is an inside page of my journal. I mainly use these pages to write my thoughts, my fears, my surprises, my complaints, my plans, or ideas.  I also pop in little drawings and bits of color. Mostly it is a place to release thoughts onto the page. I call it "writing meditation." Lately I've been folding pages to add some interest. This is a page folded in half. I also folded the following page. The two open up to reveal writing and drawings. The folding makes it a bit more fun to interact with the pages. I may staple in some vellum paper for a different texture, too.

This is a a little drawing I made on Mother's Day. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I had to work on Mother's Day. So I pulled out my Derwent Inktense pencils (yes, I carry a canvas bag of supplies), and had a little creative fun in-between the parade of customers at the store. It was necessary and the spread of color helped to ease my frustration.


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