Monday, June 11, 2012

Published in Somerset Studio Gallery magazine

Hooray! It is very satisfying to be published in this wonderful art magazine. This is my third magazine publication this year. I sent in five submissions and three were accepted since January 2012.....Cloth Paper Scissors, Art Journaling, and most recently Somerset Studio Gallery. I decided that I would stop lurking in the shadows and send some art out there.  I have also entered some art contests for  my canvas paintings. And even applied for a grant for my picture story illustrations. It feels scary but good to get the momentum going.... to actually take the steps to reach for goals I used to just think about doing. 

When I would see friends and they'd inquire how the art and writing was going I found myself always saying that I was producing work but I needed to work on the marketing aspects. Months later I was saying the same thing. Years later I was telling the same thing to friends. Finally I asked everyone I bumped into to hold me accountable for marketing my work. I defined 2012 to be the year to make significant changes. I certainly wouldn't know what the results would be, but at least I'd be following the yellow brick road. 

This is the page in the magazine showing three mixed media collage pieces. Two are on wooden placques and one is on a recycled toilet tissue cardboard roll. Moni from "Hands and Hearts" has a tutorial on how to prep this cardboard to paint on.

Kiss Cat Lips

Kingly King is also the character in a picture story I wrote and illustrated.

Kiss Cat Lips
Aren't furry kisses the best?


Janet Ghio said...

Wonderful!! Congratulations! i love your kitty cats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this, and your other publications (I know I'm a bit late to the party, but... ) I was also looking for a post on the publication of your self portrait in CPS. It's very inspiring to see that once you made the decision to put yourself out there, wonderful things happened for you like this ;)) The fear of doing it is the worst part I think.