Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Still Pursuing Portraits"

Hey there, I'm working on a portrait workshop over at Artful Gathering with Pam Carriker. I cut out some hair for fun because many artists were chatting about how scared they were to add the hair to their portraits. This is a man's hairstyle from Vogue magazine. Not bad though, huh? The style magazines are a great place to find hairstyles, poses, even clothing ideas. I've started to cut out images of mouths, eyes, etc. I like for future reference. Kind of like a model posing for you of the paper kind. I'm also starting to get quizzical looks from people because I'm staring at them to see where the light and shadows play out on their faces.

Here she is with hair. I tried to add some of my features to this portrait. (I'll work on the double chin another time.) Have you visited Artful Gathering yet? No matter what art experience you're into it is waiting for you over there. A lovely, fun, and encouraging group of artists. (Click on the image in the left sidebar to go there....)

PS: I'm going to sleep with my sketching pencils under my pillow tonight.


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