Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Is You / Wild Weird Wonderful Swap

Front View

Back View

Sample of a print I made from a painting/Collage on wood placque where I tore out pieces to use in another painting.

Completed the 6th painting for this swap. I used Golden fluid acrylics, india ink, and paper ephemera that was printed from another of my paintings on 4x6 watercolor paper. I love to make prints of my artwork to use it in different ways in a new piece. I tear the paper and use it as collage ephemera (cheaper and I like the idea it is my original work being used), or I can gesso over parts of it and add new layers with paint or inks. Ther eare many ways to explore the use of prints. Also fun to cut strips from diffrent prints then arrange the strips to make a completely new print. The paper images you see in this painting were taken from a print of a painting/collage on a wood plaque. (see above)
Please share any ideas you have for reusing art to make new art. Would love to hear and try out a technique you like.


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