Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clay Face Charms

Made these clay face charms to use in art assemblage pieces. Currently I am making devotional bottles. The inspiration? From Christina Zinnia Galliher at Artful Gathering workshop. Session Two is still open for registration and you can learn to use tools, Japanese painting, metal work, mosaic, relic frames, etc. A huge selection from well known instructors. Click on the AG image in the left sidebar to see what is going on over there.

I used Apoxie clay to make these. This clay is fabulous. I added color with Holtz Adirondack inks. I blended colors. I added touches of Golden Fluid acrylic in Iridescent Gold Deep (fine). I used sandpaper to add an aged look. The red eyeball is handmade by my friend, Dave Hunter. His email is on his image if you want to order some. (Image is in the left sidebar) I imbedded a teeney piece of green glass in one forehead and set another in a metal washer.

They're a spooky little group aren't they?



Jan said...

They look good, not necessarily spooky, more like tribal or, yes, devotional.

Annette said...

Hi Darlene, loving what you are doing in Zinnias classes, well all that you do. ox

Jackie said...

Look at you go!