Sunday, July 22, 2012

Devotional Bottle

This is the paper layering stage. Look at the design of this bottle neck.(EEK!)  That was a challenge to adhere paper to because I also have to have the paper go down inside the neck of the bottle. I bought this bottle and stopper at a local flea market.
Back View: I drew the back view of woman sitting in the chair. (See Front View)

Front View: Instead of using a commercial image I created my own. (I can't get out of my own way. ha ha)

Side View: Working with rusty wire and beads is addictive for me. I now can handle manipulating pliers in each the same time.)

Close Up View: These pearls and topaz gems were from my grandmother's broken necklace. The pink is from a rosary. Now I have purpose for all those vintage beads and baubbles.

 As Zinnia suggests in her workshop (at Artful Gathering) to attach charms and baubbles that mean something to you. Make a memory piece and add a decorated scroll of paper with a memory, wish, or dream written on it. I also think you could add a special photo or trinket that represents something meaningful in your life then it is sealed in this bottle forever. No one but you knows what is inside and it will be a lovely reminder when you look at it. This style art would be meaningful for a little meditation altar, or would be beautiful hung in a window.

I will have to do more wire/steel work. I don't know what direction I will go yet (ideas are brewing) but I love the feel of it in my hands. I also love that when I am creating something I have to have paper and pen nearby in order to record the flood of new ideas that come to me. This is the very reason that when I get "stuck" I color in a coloring book or simply doodle in order to burst forward with ideas again.

Let me know if you like rust, baubbles, or steel/metal. How do you use it in your work?



Jackie said...

Darlene, love the new blog, forgot to tell you sooner...and I love what you are doing! your artwork is fabulous and for someone who works as much as you do...there seems to be no end to your creativity! Count me in as one of your biggest fans!
ps...thought you wrote that was a pic of your Gram on the bottle...hee hee hee!

Jackie said...

oh yes...where is the link with the rusty wire you mentioned at AG?