Friday, July 13, 2012

Seth Apter's Buried Treasure

This is a repost as part of Seth Apter's call for "Buried Treasure" to rehighlight a favorite blog post. Click on the image of Seth's book in the left margin to go to his blog or click here:

Once you are there you can visit other artist's treasure blog posts from his site. You'll want to take the time to browse. Exciting and inspiring stuff. While you are there you can order Seth's book and his two DVD tutorials just recently released.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Window Back There

This art assemblage piece is titled, "A Window Back There." I am enchanted with the space between awake and sleep and the power that space holds for us...if only we knew how to tap into it. This piece represents a window into that time. What is time other than what we know of it defined by clocks and calendars.....and where are we really when we are dreaming?...I've used a clock as a symbol to these other areas of time and have included old pieces such as marbles from my dad's childhood, the handle to his workbench, a fuse and nails from my old childhood home, etc. If I could hover in that space between here and there and look through the window back there I may find myself in a space without the tick-tock-ticking of the clock. We'd be forever...

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Raylee said...

a very thought provoking post, i often wonder about this too.