Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Working in Small Bursts of Time Works

This is titled "Woman in Hat." It is acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper. The verse on the left side says, " In the event a zebra shows up at your door please invite him in and offer tea." Well, I would. Wouldn't you?

Working on a small scale is a good method for completing projects inbetween domestic opportunities (always like to stay positive) and the day job. When I create in little bursts of time on little canvases then I keep my brush moving. This is important in order to keep the imagination alive. I no longer wait for those long leisurely days to write or paint. (Those haven't showed up for me yet...although I haven't stopped hoping and working towards that.) I grab ahold of little bits of time and chase after myself with it all.  And look what happens as a result...a zebra shows up at the door and I invite him in for tea.


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