Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strathmore Aquarius 11 Watercolor Paper. Have you used it?

This small painting is titled, "Woman Lounging on 140lb Watercolor Paper."

I adore working with watercolor paper. It holds Golden fluid acrylics and india ink exceptionally well. I can collage on this and build layers. I'm going to try Strathmore Aquarius 11 paper as soon as I get it ordered. I want to experiment with a dip pen and watercolor. Have any of you used this paper? I know one of my favorite children's author/illustrator uses it. He's the one whom told me about it. David Ezra Stein. Check out his web and say hello.  

Or find him on facebook. His books are surprising and delightful. The illustrations make me want to jump into the pages and hang out there with the wonderful characters he creates....I love "Pouch"  and "Interrupting Chicken." Oh hey, I love them all.


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Janet Ghio said...

I love the title of this--I can just picture a woman lounging on a very large sheet of watercolor paper!! LOL--I love her hair color!