Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The Space Between Here and Sleep" Watercolor

Watercolor and india ink with dip pen in Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook.


Janet Ghio said...

Love her hair!!

Abby said...

Fun! I love all the details - the bedposts, the pillow covers, the cat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your profile blurb is just what I needed!

roberto said...

Congratulations Darlene.
I love the mysterious details in your illustration. when I say mysterious, I mean, you've put details there no sense to me, but by your own choice
as the arm of another color, the bird hovering behind the bed, the bird on the shoulder, etc.

roberto said...

Hi, Darlene!
Most of the time I use watercolor, a few times I use acrylic. but what you see lately is watercolor
I send you a hug!