Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Text Shows Up On My Paintings

"Woman in Hat"
Example of writing with a Micro-Pen #3

Text Reads: " In the event that a zebra shows up at your door please invite him in and offer tea."

"Naked on a Tuesday"
Example of writing with Indian Ink and Dip Pen.

Text Reads: "Every so often I wonder about her. You can see it all over my face. The colors from the memories staining my cheeks for everyone to see inside me so I feel naked at noon on a Tuesday."

Why do I scribble text on my paintings? Because it shows up while I'm painting and screams to be written. I don't pre-plan this. Pushing color around the canvas or paper is mediative. As the face details evolve a sort of personality and story evolves with it. As she is defined the emotions of her come spilling out. So I grab a micro pen or dip pen and write what comes. I've even scrawled words into wet paint with an oil crayon. I write while the emotion of it is raw and not understood. I rarely use my regular handwriting. I like to use a cursive handwriting similar to that which we were taught in grade school. This helps me to step back from myself and almost write as another person.

"No Exit"
Example of writing in wet paint with a Caran D'ache oil crayon.
Text Reads: "Remember" and "No Exit" and "Huis Clos" There was also lots of underwriting done.

I keep a plain piece of copy paper nearby to write words that come while I paint. I may incorporate them in the painting somewhere later, and even cover them up with layers after they are written. Even though they can't be seen the energy of the words are there and I feel it it helps to fuel the painting. Other times I may write phrases or words on the back of the painting.

"She Forgot She Can't Remember"
A busy example of underwriting. I wrote with a Micron-Pen #3 back and forth while turning the canvas in different positions so I could write in-between the lines of text, too. There is quite a story layered in this painting.

"She Forgot She Can't Remember"
And here is the finished painting with the underwriting not visible but charging the emotion in this.

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Jackie said...

Darlene, this is by far my favorite page of paintings/art...such emotion and passion here. I can feel you as well as see it in your face. xoxoxo to my wonderful artist friend