Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Moon

Text Reads: "Every evening I go outside to stand under the night sky. The influence of the moon visits me in my dreams. I hope the power of the sky and everything beyond touches my soul and at least humbles me a bit so I don't get in my I don't hurt anyone thinking I'm bigger or grander than they are. It is a constant practice to let go of that "ME" image.

The moon has always influenced me...creatively and emotionally. It may have started when I saw illustrations of a moon with a face in a children's book combined with the idea of "the man in the moon." As a young child I played outdoors with my siblings at dark. The moon shone on us as we ran with sparklers or caught lightening bugs (fireflies). My parents sat nearby on the porch steps, or in the swing. We would all sleep better having captured a bit of the nighttime world to color our dreams.

 It fascinates me just by the simple fact that it shows up night after night. I'm not a child anymore and it still fascinates me. Infact, today, as an adult, I think I am in more awe of it's pure and simple beauty. It is quite refreshing and a bit humbling to walk outside, look up at the night sky, and see the moon. Suddenly my shoulders relax and my monkey mind stops, and I feel the prescence of my ancestors again. They say hello and how are you?


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Jackie said...

I read this aloud to Riley and we both agree, that you are a fabulous writer and made us feel just what you were saying!
I did think of you the other night with the Blue Moon....