Sunday, September 23, 2012

Using Poetry in a Painting

"And if I could slip out the bedroom window,
onto the roof,
into the pine trees,
just beyond,
And slip into the branches to lay within their power,
I'd think I was safe,
out beyond,
above it all.
I'd talk to the squirrels
and lay monthly eggs."

By now you know I like to use text in my paintings. I also like to use poetry I've written in paintings. Sometimes I pull out a phrase. Sometimes, as above, I use the entire poem. I could take this single poem and find many ways I could incorporate it into my art. I write every day in a Moleskine journal basically as free writing to release emotions, solve problems, work out ideas, or doodle. I go back and look through my older journals to find little treasures I can pull out and use in my paintings, or sentances or paragraphs that prompt a story. As I read I may imagine a character formulating in my mind and run to the sketchbook to draw her. Her "story" may have come from my journal pages. Or I may come across a doodle that I build on for a painting. It is not unusual for me to find a poem I'd forgotten I'd written that will fit perfectly in the mixed-media piece I created last Tuesday. I will never give up the practice of daily writing and sketching. Both activities fuel my art and writing in surprising ways.

Where do you find your inspiration?


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Elisa said...

Hi Darlene! This is Lis Choi. What a wonderful blog and inspiration! I find inspiration in the simple things like the things around me which I would sketch and just experiment. I hope to make more time just like you said in your About me. I love it. I got a website too and if you want to check here it is... Have a great day!