Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Watercolor Paint Boxes

Anything vintage and I'm pulled in. The large tin is by "Page Landon" in England and the little one was also made in England. I used to use these as a child. Not these particular boxes but tin sets similar. As a child I wasn't "afraid" of using watercolors. Not sure why, or what, or whom the influence might have been for me to stop painting with watercolors and suddenly think I couldn't. I suppose we walk through the wrong door one day and simply "forget" to explore with these colors like a child. I recently went out the back door (when no one was looking) and started painting with watercolors. A new childlike joy and freedom celebrated. Does anyone know when the tins changed to plastic? Prang, etc. Anyone else have vintage watercolor boxes?

Check out the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Spring 2006, Issue 6. The cover shows how artist Kristen Steiner created her "Thirty-Two Artful Playthings" paint box assemblage, for the "vintage textile flea market challenge." I love her tin and I look at this issue over and over. This magazine poses a new challenge with every magazine publication.


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