Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wade Rouse Writer's Retreat

A sunny spot with Mable in the formal living room after two rainy-cold days. Mabel is Gary Edward's and Wade Rouse's dog. Cool that she travels with them.

Mabel helps me relax. I'm sooo nervous thinking of reading some of my manuscript aloud.

Wade's partner Gary Edwards. Gary's eyes are as large as his dog's Mabel. He has long, long eyelashes, too. (Gary...not the dog)

Wade Rouse signing his book, "All's Relative" for me. All I have to say is this man has great hair doesn't he?

Wade discussing query letters. I loved how it was an intimate group of eight attendees sitting around a handcarved dining table in the dining room. Andrew Kohn, one of the owners of the B&B was also the cook and just five minutes before I snapped this photo he had set a plate of brownies on the table. Now do you think we were listening to Wade talk about query letters when we could smell brownies baking?

Gary Edwards and author Wade Rouse. I have tried to attend Wade's Writer's Retreat for two years held in Michigan. This workshop was held at The Orchard House in Granville, OH just 50 minutes away from me, so finally I met them. They are beautiful to look at, have beautiful, caring, and loving personalities, plus any time spent with them is time laughing...and I mean laugh out loud belly laughing. I am so grateful I got to interact with them. I'm still smiling.

The entrance to The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast in Granville, OH. Beautiful farm setting just minutes from Granville. I will schedule some time there just to write. If you go eat dinner at Bella's an Italian restaurant owned by friends of Andrew and Don's. The food is homemade and the butter served with the bread was practically a dessert.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog Therapy

Text Reads:" I don't need no fancy smancy therapist to tell me I'm depressed. What I need is my junk back."