Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pam Carriker's "Journal 365" and Seth Apter's Art

Journal 365 by Pam Carriker is one of the Christmas presents I bought for myself. The other was a piece of art work by Seth Apter. (I told you I'd own his art someday.) I'll post a photo of it when I receive it. I also won Susan Tuttle's Photocraft book from a giveaway on Seth's blog, The Altered Page. The Christmas presents are rolling in.

Back to Pam's new DVD. Journal 365 consists of 12 video lessons. Each lesson was intended to be a starting point from which to create many journal pages over the course of a month. So with 12 lessons I'd have inspiration for my journal pages for an entire year. I don't have trouble being inspired or finding ideas for my pages, although I love to watch another artist demonstrate their techniques, and reveal some of their signature secrets. I've watched six of the lessons and they are all fantastic. I started with Lesson # 4...Recycled Collage. I just happened to jump in there and start with that lesson, but I will go back to Lesson #1 and proceed in order now.

Above photo is the journal spread from Lesson #4. This is in my Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook. Oh yes, another Christmas gift will be coming in the mail for me. I ordered a Stillman and Birn Gamma Series sketchbook which I can't wait to use with watercolors. Don't tell anyone but some other art supplies are coming, too. (I'm out of control...but in a good way.) And why don't you go on and join me with the out of control bit and order Pam's DVD. Seth Apter also has two excellent DVD's out.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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