Saturday, January 19, 2013

Balancing Creative Life and Day Job in the Studio

I have set up different work stations in my studio. It keeps me focused and helps me to balance the creative life with a full-time day job. I only buy antique or vintage pieces to work at and to store items in (except for those plastic containers holding supplies in my drawers). I always have more than one art project going, plus I write. I would loose time and focus if I didn't pre-set areas specific to a project to work in. For example, I'm currently taking the PEZ Totem altering class with Michael DeMeng. Before the class started I set up this area. This is an antique writing desk. The top piece where the paint is will flip forward to add a work table if I like. I have set out the paints, dremel, pliers, etc that I will use. I tend not to create if I have to go hunt down supplies or materials. You can see the start of a PEZ creature to the left.

The bottom of this piece has a big open space and some cubbies perfect for holding Dap, compound, medium, molding paste, Aves Apoxy, etc. I can wallk in from work and sit down and start working without hesitation. If I had to spend twenty minutes setting up I may lose the power of wanting to create.

Here is one of my favorite flea market finds for the studio. A rusty carrier. You can see how divine it is to hold my jars for water. And it makes it easy to carry to the kitchen to clean and refill. Something like this makes it fun to rinse my brushes.

This is my favorite chair in my studio. Technically it isn't mine. It is my daughters. Hopefully I can buy it from her...but I doubt it because she used it during college years in a studio. This is another station. I tend to sit here to do watercolor work...right now it is illustrations for my book. This is an old table I got at a yard sale. See the green garden door? I have some old wire shelves that I will attach to this to hold watercolor journals. The stone column to the right of the table holds that rusty carrier with the water jars. I tend to move those jars around to where I happen to be working. (Another good reason the jars are in a carrier.)

 Come back to visit for some more peeks into my studio. I want to show you more of the old pieces I use.


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